In our last entry (Web design and Development), we saw the importance of having a bullet-proof strategy for web design and development. At Creative Coco’Nuts, this goes hand in hand with another step in the whole process: internet marketing.


Internet marketing might seem like an abstract concept, but it is of paramount importance. It is the driving force behind any great business venture. It is the theory that will allow you to develop a strategic plan to put your business out there and create a pool of loyal customers.

A lot of thought actually goes into your marketing plan, especially when it comes to the web. Expert marketing consultants and designers, like us, will develop tactics that will ensure the best possible ranking and visibility for your brand.

All in all, internet marketing is a slightly more complex way to advertise and here is how Creative Coco’Nuts will make it work for you.


What is internet marketing?


blank  A new way to market online

A broad definition of internet marketing is: the strategy that we build for you to promote your business/organization and your brand online.

This type of advertising uses specific tools, such as strategically placed keywords, to increase traffic to your site and social media. The main goal, as any type of advertising, is to generate sales and profitability.


blank  Modern vs traditional marketing

Part of the marketing strategy is to find your ideal customer, as well as new customers. Once we have helped you do that, we don’t want you to push your products in people’s face like it was done before. Modern customers do not react as positively as before to traditional marketing, like radio or TV ads. Consequently, composing with the new reality of marketing is done via online content, emails, blogs and more.

As previously stated, the difference with traditional marketing is the relationship that you create with your customers, actual or potential. If your web marketing strategy is up to par, people will react a certain way. Modern marketing is all about communication: you are keeping customers informed and they want to know more about you.



Why do you need internet marketing?


blank  A new way to interact with your target customers

In today’s competitive industry, internet users often get tired of ads and it is easy to block them. This is why your customers have to come to you and actively choose your products or services.

Here is a quick role play to illustrate that principle:

You *very enthusiastic*: “Hey, did you know that my business uses 100% organic resources?”

Ms Customer *very intrigued*: “No, I didn’t! So cool!”

You*even more enthusiastic*: “We have an article on our site that explains the whole process! Why don’t you check it out?”

Ms Customer *even more intrigued*: “Absolutely, great idea, I love anything organic and always buy local. I feel we’re going to be a great match!”


blank  Content, content, content

You get the idea. If you have an impeccable website (Going mobile friendly), Ms Customer will probably buy something from you, visit your social media platforms and talk about you to her friends, who have the same tastes as her and will buy from you, and so on and so forth.

There is no need to stress the importance of having a content that is well written, relevant and engaging. People want to be educated, even sometimes entertained, not trapped into buying. People need to feel that they are getting something from your content, something that they can relate to, so that they want to engage in your business.


blank  Attract and retain modern customers

A good content marketing plan will, for instance, contain blogs, articles, case studies or videos. This content will need to be specific and targeted to your audience to create a cyclical momentum:

Attraction of potential customer (social media campaign or banner, online contest, etc.)   —>   potential customer interacts with your site or social media  —>   website wows potential customer  —>   potential customer buys your products and talk to their friends about it  —>   website/social platform wows potential customer —>   potential customer makes purchase, etc. and vice versa.


blank  Maximize revenues

Isn’t that your ultimate goal if you are a business owner?

One of the greatest advantages of internet marketing is that it also costs less and has a greater return on investment than traditional ways of advertising. Your customized content marketing plan will incorporate a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Result: your page will have a higher ranking when internet users perform a search. And this form of advertising cost nothing, just time and strategic thinking.

That’s time well spent, no?



Will you need a review of your internet marketing plan?

In today’s competitive market, new trends and technologies appear fast and are practically obsolete as soon as they are developed. As a business, you need to stay on top and adapt to changes or adjust your priorities periodically.

Creative Coco’Nuts will work for you to analyze the data of your website and find what works and what can be done to make it better and adjust to changes. By measuring the results and the performance of your site, you will be able to make better business decisions. Reviewing your marketing plan does not mean starting anew. We just want you to have the most efficient web presence as possible. We want your brand to be front and center and to find web solutions sustainable for your long term investment.


For more information, see our Marketing services page.