Maybe you’re not one of those people who swoon at the sight of a misplaced apostrophe…

Maybe you really don’t care about the difference between “there” and “their”…

Maybe you have awesome ideas and fantastic concepts, but you just hate writing…

Maybe you have the best website, the best logo, the best product… but let’s be honest: you have nothing if you’re not able to communicate your message.

If one or more of the above points apply to you, we strongly advise you to consider the benefits of professional copywriting. If you are faced with writer’s block or simply a lack of time, it might be wise to get the expertise of someone who is trained to develop quality content.

In fact, you have to be able to illustrate your thoughts with words. And more importantly: being able to do it in a professional way that is going to engage and retain your audience is a true must for your business to strive!


In our line of business, it is not rare to hear a customer say ”Why can’t I just write it myself?”.

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It’s a fine balance and if you were to write it yourself, well, no offense, but it might get boring. Let’s say you have a company that builds windmills. You’re passionate about it. You know your stuff from the inside out. Chances are you’ll explain it from the inside out as well and you might lose your audience by using too many technical facts.

Expert copywriters will do the exact same thing as you. They will explain your windmills with the same passion, but with less jargon. Technical writers simplify and objectify your content, which will capture your services or product better and of course, sell them even better.

Our services include copywriting, so have no fear! Creative Coco’Nuts will develop one of a kind customized content for you. It’s the same thing with our copywriting process: we will talk about your services, but we will enhance them so that customers really want to know more.


Like previously mentioned, when we help you refine your corporate identity or fine tune your image, copywriting is more often than not part of the packaging. It’s an essential communication tool that you will need for services such as ads, billboards, website, brochures, annual reports, taglines, social media, and more.

Once again, it doesn’t matter how beautiful and efficient your windmills are if you can’t communicate that specific message in a way that is creative, interesting and engaging for your potential customers. Simply put, your content needs to be persuasive.


By now, we all know about search engine optimization (SEO) and that a lot of businesses embrace that strategy to get higher rankings on the internet.

Something that you might not know is that Google has excellent grammar and spelling! Yes, Google cares about apostrophes! More seriously, if your site is full of errors, if your site in not specific, if your site does not have the right keywords that Google likes, it will stay at the bottom of the pile.

Same thing if you use social media platforms, catalogues or brochures: if you’ve got a big launch or an important marketing campaign to promote, you need your message to make a great first impression. Well chosen words will drive engagement and traffic to your site or brick and mortar shop.

Nowadays, people want an experience. They’ll like to see what’s new with you and maybe get new ideas from your blog or your quarterly report. They want your expertise and copywriting does just that. It gives you that unique signature that sets you apart and that you really need to gain market shares. It’s also a good investment in the long run, because it will bring visitors to your site, your social media accounts, your store or your restaurant without you having to pay to always be at the top of the list!