Like anything in life, a business is always subjected to a certain kind of natural evolution and different cycles.

Contrary to the most well-known meaning of the word “conception” though, when it comes to web design and development, it looks more like a perpetual wheel or a concept that needs to reinvent itself on a constant basis.

You always need to devise new plans and ideas to insure your web presence is strong. It’s just the way the World Wide Web rolls. There’s always “something new” and that’s precisely what consumers want. However, you might not necessarily know where to begin to assert your brand identity again and again.

Let’s say you’re just starting an online business in Edmonton, Alberta, and you know nothing about graphic design. Your expertise is somewhere else, you plainly don’t have time to create a website or plan a marketing campaign via social media!

A local web design company (TOP 4 REASONS TO CHOOSE A PROFESSIONAL AND LOCAL BUSINESS FOR YOUR BRAND) like Creative Coco’Nuts is just what you need! On top of an outstanding customized customer service, we know all the essential questions and steps to develop, maintain and optimize your website.


In today’s market, the question “Why do you want or need a website to conduct business?”, be it to generate money or to promote a non-profit organization, is completely irrelevant. You NEED a website, PERIOD.

So if you’re going into business or launching a kitten-saving charity in the greater Edmonton area, a more relevant question might be: “What kind of website do you want?”

Simple? Flashy? Complex? Interactive? Layered? What is right for you? What are your competitors doing? What can you do better than them?

We’ll answer those questions and do a thorough competitor analysis for you. As marketing specialists and professional web designers, we’ll focus on your objectives and target audience(s) to get the best design possible.

Here’s the golden rule we believe in: Your site must be an efficient and beautiful tool based on an efficient and beautiful design.

edmonton web design company


If you’ve been in business for a while, you might already have a website. More questions… Is it still relevant? Has your business changed? Is the platform that you have right now the best to promote your actual content?

If you require our help and expertise for a newer design or banners from this time and space, we’ll analyze the existing user experience and improve upon it. Meaning: We’ll work with what you have and make it better and more relevant to the modern customer.

From a technical point of view, it’s also possible that, between the time when you first launched your site and now, web development languages have evolved. No worries, we speak tons of those languages and we’ll put you up to date!

More often than not, we’ll find that your site simply needs a reboot (4 ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS IF YOU’RE THINKING OF REBRANDING), something to make it fresher, to dust it off a bit. This type of work might even generate new customized ideas so you’re the new cool kid on the block!

But don’t let your guard down, this is not over yet…

web design company edmonton


edmonton web design company

You’ve knocked on the right door when it comes to creative web design (WHAT CREATIVE COCO’NUTS CAN DO FOR YOU: WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT). Planning is essential and we’ll take care of business. This goes from gathering images, logos and content to developing the right architecture for your new website.

Depending on your website and its content, we’ll also be setting you up with a hosting server account. This means that your site will have enough storage and space for optimal functionality. We’ll also help you with the registration of a domain name. Here, it’s all about branding. Your domain name must be easy to memorize and represents your brand identity, product or service perfectly.


edmonton web design company

Like anything in life again, we have to think long term. Result: More questions!

How are you going to launch your site? Is it going to be a press conference with a high end wine and cheese and free kittens? Are you going to have a marketing campaign through social media or printed glossy brochures?

Once the launch is complete, a good web design company will make sure of the continuous success and exposure of your site. We can run some tests, keep you up to date with new technologies and the latest browsers, add new content to keep things fresh, etc. But all in all, it all comes back to a well planned web conception, for instance with the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to drive the customers who specifically want something from you directly to your site.

Feel free to go check our web design portfolio to see how it works! As many before you, you’ll find that for all our creative partnerships, high performance is key.

web design company edmonton