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When you first thought about going into business and started looking for a web design company to build your site, you might have done some research and heard the expression “user experience”.

web design company Edmonton

Here is a general definition found on Wikipedia:

“User experience (UX) refers to a person’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service. It includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership.”

Wow! Now use that “UX” in your social interactions around Edmonton, and people will take you seriously!

All jokes aside, what did you think when you first read that definition?

It’s all about emotions, experience and interaction.

Your website is a tool that needs to generate those above mentioned emotions and experiences. But how do you reconcile those two very different aspects (human feelings/online platform) to create the perfect “human-computer interaction”?

This is where we come into the picture, as professional website designers. This is also why you need business partners who are experts, especially if if you’re thinking of launching an e-commerce site (WHAT CREATIVE COCO’NUTS CAN DO FOR YOU: WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT).

So here is how, here at Creative Coco’Nuts, we achieve that “emotional design” that will put some good UX on your side.

web design company Edmonton


And that’s precisely why it’s equally important not to overlook this very important step while developing your site.

Why? Because it directly relates to your brand (how people perceive it through your website) and eventually, its success.

Let’s go back to the definition: it’s all about emotions. So, does your site convey the right emotions and, most importantly, result on the right emotions from the customers?

Remember: people buy based on their emotions.

If the content is easy to find, if it is aesthetically pleasing, if all in all the shopping experience is easy, good designers will generate the following emotions for the customers: relief, joy, excitement to get your product or service or comfort that they’ve made the right choice, etc.

On the contrary, a poorly developed site will generate anger, frustration and the loss of potential customers. 

To create positive emotions, your site architecture, content and functionality must produce quality before anything else. Here’s the magic formula:

Quality of emotions + quality of design = UX of quality!


Let’s go back to our Wikipedia definition:

“Additionally, user experience includes a person’s perceptions of system aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency.”

It’s true that perceptions are subjective, but there’s something that we all have in common: the lack of time. When we go online, when we want to buy something online, our experience must be fast and easy. No time to waste looking for something or for an answer that we need right away!

When coding and designing your future site, we’ll always have the following questions in mind:

Is the content useful and purposeful? Is it easy to use? Does it represent your brand well? Are things easy to find?

In brief, are people going to trust your site immediately? Your site will act like a powerful marketing tool with one mission: keep the visitors engaged. No hindrance can push them away from your product or service. Their user experience must be impeccable.

On a larger scale, a great user experience from the start will lead to more exposure via social media and more traffic to your site or your Internet banners. It is a win-win situation and serious web design firms like Creative Coco’Nuts will customize your site for the best UX out there. (WHAT CREATIVE COCO’NUTS CAN DO FOR YOU: INTERNET MARKETING)

web design company Edmonton


The ultimate goal is, of course, to develop your business exponentially and use your website to attract and retain customers, as well as generating new ones.

Perceptions can change, technologies can evolve, mobile applications can become more and more interactive, but one core truth will remain: the experience must be pleasant so that the perception of your product or service is positive.

That is one of the reasons why web developers have monitoring tools that they can use to analyze the business activity of your site, its data transmission, etc. Just to make sure of its efficiency and that your level of customer satisfaction always stays high.

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